Slow Draining Toilets & Drains From Septic Tank Problems

26 May 2023
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Have your toilets and drains been taking longer than usual to release fluid and waste? When slow draining is seen in multiple plumbing fixtures, it is a sign of a septic tank problem that needs fast attention. If the septic tank is full, it is only a matter of time before your drains stop functioning altogether and cause a backup in your home. Your septic tank will need to be pumped by a professional as soon as possible to prevent problems that you will regret. It is also ideal to invest in occasional maintenance for your septic system to ensure that it is fully functional at all times.

A Backup Is a Great Inconvenience

When plumbing fixtures back up, it can be a frustrating and inconvenient experience. For example, the toilets will be filled with liquid and solid waste that produces a foul odor and cannot be flushed. A backed-up fixture can also make it difficult to wash dishes in the sink, as the water will not drain out as it should. It is important to get your septic tank pumped while you are ahead, as there will be a bigger problem to tackle if the drains become fully backed up. Do not allow the fixtures to overflow and leave you with a toxic mess to clean up in your home.

A Full Septic Tank Can Seep Toxic Waste

If your septic tank is full of waste, you must know that it is a hazard to your property. The reason is that when waste is unable to flow as it should, it accumulates and creates pressure in the tank. The pressure can push the waste through cracks in the tank that it should not flow out of, such as parts that are connected. For example, there are connector parts that are used to attach the drainfield line to the tank, which waste can seep out of. Getting the tank pumped before it gets too full will prevent toxic waste from seeping out.

Maintenance Will Prevent Problems

Even before a septic tank has become full, maintenance should be performed. Maintenance is ideal for the entire septic system, such as making sure the drainfield lines are functional. You will also know the condition of the septic tank via maintenance. You will know if the tank is cracked or excessively rusty or if other problems are present. You can receive multiple septic system services from a professional.

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