Important Considerations When Selecting Portable Toilets

17 March 2023
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Mobile toilets are ideal for big events if your permanent sanitation facilities aren't adequate. This ensures hygiene during your event, protecting your guests' health. Additionally, getting portable toilets can help you achieve legal sanitation requirements. Nonetheless, you need to select the right portable restrooms, which may be challenging due to the existing variety. Here are important considerations to make when choosing portable toilets.


Once you create a portable toilet budget, you can make cost-effective decisions. For instance, since custom portable toilets are more costly due to their authenticity, they may cost more than their standard counterparts. Therefore, custom options may be ideal if you have a large budget. However, different portable toilet rental companies charge special prices. Consequently, you must compare the rates of various companies and pick the most reasonable option that matches your budget.

However, you must keep the portable restroom rentals you get clean throughout your event. In this regard, you may need to hire cleaning services, which may be costly. Hence, work with a portable toilet rental company that offers facility setup, cleaning, and transportation back to storage at an affordable rate. This helps you save money.

Event Location

Your chosen venue determines the type of portable toilets you get. For example, if your venue has multiple permanent bathrooms, you may need fewer additional mobile toilets. And if the location presents space limitations, smaller mobile toilets may be appropriate. Additionally, consider your venue's layout to choose suitable portable toilet designs. However, after selecting the perfect portable toilets, place them in the correct position. You don't want the bathrooms too close to your guests to avoid discomfort.

Event Type

High-end events may require that you get customized portable toilets. These facilities have the unique features you desire, such as hot and cold water handwashing units. Additionally, custom porta potties may have indoor decorations, state-of-the-art lighting, and mirrors. These features may improve your guests' bathroom experience. In contrast, standard porta potty rentals may be a perfect choice if hosting an ordinary event.

Guest Number

The more guests you expect at your event, the more portable toilets you may require. Nonetheless, your mobile toilet rental provider can help you accurately determine the number of porta potties you need. For instance, the professionals may assess venue measurements while considering the guest number. This helps select perfectly fitting mobile toilet designs sufficient for your guests.

The vital considerations when selecting portable toilets include event type and location, guest number, and budget. Consider these factors to choose the right porta potty facilities.