Common Mistakes When Renting Portable Restrooms For Events Or Project Sites

27 February 2023
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Portable restrooms are essential for outdoor events and construction sites where traditional toilets are not easily accessible. They provide comfort and convenience for both guests and workers. However, people make several common mistakes when renting portable bathrooms.

Mistake: Not Renting Enough Portable Restrooms For The Guests

Not providing enough portable toilets for guests or employees is one of the most typical mistakes made by those who rent portable toilets. The result is often long lines or overfilled storage tanks, leading to unpleasant odors and unsanitary conditions.

Estimating the number of guests or workers you expect at your event or site and renting enough portable restrooms is essential. If you plan to serve alcohol at the event, you may need to rent additional portable toilets to accommodate the increased usage.

Mistake: Failing To Place The Portable Restroom On A Flat Surface

Another common mistake people make when renting portable restrooms is not placing them on a flat surface. Portable restrooms must be placed on level ground to prevent tipping or wobbling that can cause injuries or damage to the unit. You must also prepare the site for the portable restrooms beforehand. This preparation includes removing any objects that could interfere with the placement of the unit.

Mistake: Not Considering The Amenities Your Portable Restrooms Should Have

Choosing the right portable restroom for your event or site is also essential. Not all portable restrooms come with the same features. Instead, different models come with various amenities you want to provide your guests. An example of this could be the presence of lights and running water. For example, if you are hosting an event with a formal dress code, rent portable restrooms with mirrors and handwashing stations. If you are hosting a construction site, rent portable restrooms with hand sanitizer dispensers to promote hygiene and reduce the spread of germs.

Mistake: Letting The Portable Restroom Go Too Long Without Being Serviced

The final common mistake people make when renting portable restrooms is not servicing them regularly. Portable restrooms need to be emptied and stocked. Otherwise, they could quickly become full. The frequency of servicing depends on the usage and the number of portable restrooms rented. However, having them serviced at least once a week for a moderate number of users may be recommended. The portable restroom may have to be serviced every other day for heavy usage. Assessing the portable restrooms at the end of the day can help you know when to schedule them to be emptied and stocked.

For more information about renting portable restrooms, contact a local company.