Getting Your Septic Tank Pumped Is Easy

6 January 2023
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Pumping your septic tank is just a regular part of maintenance. It doesn't need to be done yearly; it depends on how big your tank is and how many people are using it. If you are unsure about how often you should get it pumped, a septic repair company can come to evaluate your tank and let you know when you should get it pumped. Pumping your septic tank may sound like it takes a long time, but it is a relatively quick process. Once the pumping company gets there, they can generally be done in under an hour. What is the process of getting your septic tank pumped?

Find the Tank

The first part of the process is finding your tank. Theoretically, you know your tank's location or have a pretty good idea. You should let the service tech know where it is. Once the tech finds the tank, they can get to work. Depending on where you live, the access to your tank may be underground. If the access is underground, the tech must dig it up. The other option is that the access point is above ground and may have a cover over it to show where it is.

Open the Tank

After the access point is found, the tech will need to open up the tank. They do this because they need to be sure that it actually needs to be pumped and that there is not another problem. The tank also needs to be opened to get pumped out.

Empty the Tank

Then it is time to empty the tank. The tech will have gotten to your house in a vacuum truck. The truck will have a tank on it as well as a large-diameter hose. The service tech will take the hose back to your septic tank, stick it in, and turn on the vacuum. The vacuum will start to suck everything out of the tank until it is empty. The tech may ask you to flush the toilet or run some water down the drain. The reason that they do this is to make sure that the tank is working correctly.

If you aren't sure when your tank was pumped last, or you don't know it is about time for it to be pumped, call a septic pumping company and have them check it out for you. It won't hurt to have it pumped early; that way, you know it is ready to be used. 

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