Signs You Need Emergency Septic Services

1 December 2022
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Your septic system is a water-tight tank that holds wastewater and triggers the breakdown of waste by anaerobic bacteria. This allows for safe water release to the ground. However, septic systems emergencies may be inevitable for old septic systems. Therefore, you may need to service your septic system. But when is the right time to hire a 24-hour emergency septic system service? Here are the indicators.


Your septic system's piping may break, resulting in cracks. Water may leak from your septic tank through the cracks. Hence, you may notice wastewater in your yard if the leak is major. However, small leaks may be hard to spot. Therefore, your septic system service company may need to inspect your system to identify small leaks.

Likewise, if the grass around your septic tank is denser and greener than the rest of your yard, this may mean that the grass is accessing water leaking from your septic system. Fortunately, a 24-hour emergency septic system service can fix leakages quickly, allowing your septic tank to contain wastewater efficiently.


Flushing the wrong items, like clothes or wipes, can cause your septic system's pipes to clog. This may prevent wastewater outlet drains from channeling treated water outside the tank. Remember that septic systems usually have a specific water capacity. Hence, excess water inside your septic system may result in an overflow. This may lead to your yard flooding, negatively impacting your property's aesthetics.

Also, exposure to raw sewage may increase the risk of bacterial infections. Therefore, you need a 24-hour emergency septic system service to inspect your tank and remove the debris blocking your septic system's piping. This restores the free flow of wastewater.

Sewer Backup

When your septic system clogs, wastewater may accumulate inside the drains. This may cause water to back up in your toilets and sinks. This may be accompanied by bubbling water in your toilet or foul odors from the drains, which may make your home uncomfortable. 24-hour emergency septic system services address your sewer backup issues by unblocking your sewer system.

Pipe Bursting

Septic systems have a given capacity. However, excessive water flow to your septic tank may cause pressure build-up inside your system. This may eventually cause the bursting of your system's pipes. Emergency septic system services can pump out the excess wastewater frequently or increase your drain field's capacity to meet the increased wastewater supply.

The signs that you need a 24-hour septic system service include sewer backup, septic tank overflow, leakage, and increased wastewater supply to your septic system. Consider hiring a 24-hour emergency septic system service when you see these indicators.

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