Professional Septic Cleaning: What To Expect From The Experts

14 November 2022
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Septic cleaning does more than maintain high hygiene standards in your home. It also helps to prolong the life of your septic system and can help to identify problems early and mitigate costly repairs.


It is highly recommended that you hire trained professionals instead of doing it yourself. The process can be pretty laborious and challenging for you. Again, you want to avoid common amateur mistakes such as failing to get all the waste from the tank or improperly disposing of the waste. Additionally, some mistakes can result in damage to your septic tank.

What to Expect

Hire professionals, and you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have the expertise and the tools for septic cleaning and proper waste disposal.

1. Mapping Out the Septic System

If you know where the septic tank is, you can point the septic cleaning crew in that direction. If not, you can easily trace the location of the septic tank by checking your property inspection documents. The septic service team may also track and map out your sewer lines.

2. Accessing the Tank

Some excavation work may be necessary to expose buried septic tanks. Once the team pinpoints the exact location of the septic tank, they will then proceed to open the lid.

3. Pre-Pumping Inspection

The septic cleaning team will inspect and assess your tank before commencing the pump-out. Their focus will be on the effluent levels. If the wastewater levels are too high, the team can deduce that the system isn't working as it should as the wastewater isn't flowing well into the drainfield.

4. Septic Tank Pump-Out

This first step of septic cleaning involves using a suction mechanism to remove sludge from the septic tank. Using a heavy-duty hose and pump, the specialists will pump out the sludge and transfer it into the waste tank for disposal. To ensure they get everything, the service team may use additional tools, including septic cleaning spoons to ensure they remove all the sludge from the bottom and sides of your tank.

5. Tank Cleaning

The septic cleaning specialists will use clean water to wash your septic tank thoroughly. Hydro jetting is an effective technique that septic service companies commonly use.

6. Post-Clean Inspection

Your tank will be easier to inspect after a thorough cleaning. The specialists will look for signs of cracks and other physical damage inside the tank. The service team will also examine the condition of the filers, baffles, and outlets.

A professional septic cleaning service will complete every step. Once done, the team can advise you on when to schedule the next cleaning based on the size of your household and use patterns.