When Is the Right Time to Schedule Plumbing Maintenance Services?

2 May 2022
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Plumbing maintenance is a proactive measure to sustain your plumbing system's functionality. If you neglect plumbing maintenance, your plumbing system could deteriorate or incur damages that warrant expensive repairs. Homeowners should schedule plumbing maintenance services at least once every two years.

Several signs can let you know your plumbing system needs some TLC. Here are three signs that indicate it is time to schedule a plumbing maintenance service. 

Low Water Pressure

The water pressure in your household can reduce due to several reasons. Two of the most common reasons are clogs and pinhole leaks. 

If your plumbing system includes a water filtration system, it is common for the water filters to fill up with dirt and mineral deposits. When the water filters are dirty, they restrict water flow and cause low water pressure. If your main water pipe incurs a small leak, the leaking can also reduce your water pressure. 

Thus, when you notice your water pressure dropping, it is a sign to schedule plumbing maintenance services. A plumber can replace your dirty water filters and seal any pinhole leaks to restore your water pressure. 

Frequent Clogs in Your Drains 

When homeowners encounter a clog, they use many homemade remedies to clear the clog. However, homemade remedies such as hot water, vinegar, or a snake wire are temporary solutions. 

In most cases, such remedies only agitate the clog or push it further down the drain. As a result, you will encounter frequent clogs because your homemade remedies do not solve the problem entirely. When you encounter frequent clogs within a short time of each other, it's time to schedule a plumbing maintenance service. 

Drain cleaning is an ideal plumbing maintenance service that permanently eliminates clogs. Drain cleaning involves using bursts of highly pressurized water to remove any sludge residue that could facilitate future clogs. Hence, drain cleaning prevents the occurrence of frequent clogs in the future. 

Discoloration or Metallic Taste in the Water

If you notice the water from your shower and other faucets turning yellow or brownish, there is an issue with your pipes or water heater. 

Water discoloration indicates your water heater or water pipes are rusting. Hence, the discoloration results from rust particles contaminating your water. Further confirmation that rust is the culprit is that your water will also have a metallic taste and smell.

Consuming rust-contaminated water is a health hazard. Therefore, contact a service such as Curry Plumbing, Septic & Sewer when you notice discoloration or a metallic taste in your water.