3 Ways You Know Your Septic Tank Needs Professional Pumping Services

25 January 2022
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Most homeowners easily notice when their faucets, sinks, and pipes need to be replaced or repaired. Unfortunately, they don't pay much attention to their septic tank to know when it should be pumped. A septic tank requires regular care to be more efficient and serve you for a long period. Any problem with the septic tank will greatly affect the condition of your lawn and the entire plumbing system. You should, therefore, check if the tank is overfilled so it can be pumped in good time to avoid other problems. Here's how you know your septic tank needs professional pumping services.

You Notice Lawn Changes

A septic tank that is backed up will cause some changes in your lawn. In most cases, effluent—liquid waste—is released in an area known as a drain field to remove the impurities in your septic tank. If the drain field is oversaturated, you will likely notice standing water in your lawn. The waste will also float to the surface when the tank is overfilled. When this happens, you end up with more liquid, which the drain field can't support. Lush patches of grass also indicate that the tank is backed up and needs pumping. The wastewater under the surface will fertilize the grass, causing excessive growth.

You Can't Remember When You Last Pumped It

Although a septic tank should be pumped after a certain period, most homeowners hardly do it. In fact, some of them only act when things get out of hand. Where possible, you should pump the tank and keep proper records. This helps you know when the tank was last pumped and when to pump it next. Usually, certain factors such as the size of your tank and the number of users in your home determine how fast the tank fills. Failure to pump the tank as recommended shortens its lifespan and reduces its efficiency. So if you can't tell when a plumber last pumped your septic tank, you should hire professional pumping services as soon as possible. 

You Notice Foul Odor Everywhere

If you notice a foul smell outside or inside your house, your septic tank is a likely culprit. The sewer smell often emanates from the drains simply because the sewage is backed up. And although plumbing clogs could also cause a foul odor, it mainly occurs when the tank is backed up. In this case, you should hire a plumber to inspect if it needs septic tank pumping. Usually, when the tank is overfilled, you will experience a strong foul odor around the drain field as excess waste escapes from the tank.