Septic Pumping When Solids Or Other Issues Cause Your Tank To Backup

27 April 2021
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If you are having a problem with your septic system that is causing plumbing issues, your tank probably needs to be pumped. These issues are often due to solids filling the tank and problems with the drain field. Therefore, there are going to be other issues that need to be checked when you have septic pumping done. Doing the following things will help you deal with the septic tank problems that are affecting your plumbing:

Use Water Sparingly While Waiting for Help

Using water excessively during a short period of time can contribute to septic system problems. When the water fills the tank too quickly, it causes an overburden. This problem can lead to issues with the tank backing up into your home or solids getting into the drain field system. Thus, while you are waiting for help with your septic system issues, try to use as little water as possible.

Make Sure Plumbing Lines Are Clear

Sometimes, problems with the septic tank back up into plumbing lines. When this happens, it can cause the drain lines and plumbing to get clogged. Therefore, you may want to have the drains cleaned. The drain cleaning will ensure no issues with your plumbing that are still causing problems after you have the septic pumping done.

Pump and Inspect the Septic Tank for Damage

Pumping the tank is the most important maintenance that needs to be done. When there is a problem with the tank backing up into plumbing, it may need to be pumped before the normal scheduled maintenance. You want to inspect the tank to find the cause of the problem. The problem could be too low bacteria levels, waste that does not break down, or issues with damage.

Inspect the Distribution Box and Drain Field

After the tank has been pumped, other areas of your septic system will need to be inspected. You want to check the lines from your home and to the distribution box. Also, the distribution box should be checked to ensure no solids are blocking the drain field. Lastly, you may want to have the drain field inspected to ensure everything is working properly. Some problems can be dealt with by having the pump truck clear lines and blockages before they leave.

Dealing with septic system problems can be frustrating, but they can be avoided by having the tank pumped as needed. Contact a septic pumping service for help dealing with these issues when you are having problems with your septic system.