What You Can Do to Keep Your Septic Tank in Good Shape

22 March 2021
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Your septic tank is your own personal sewer system. While others in town or other areas have a city sewer that their waste flows into, you have your own personal sewer in your very backyard that you have to be responsible for. There are pros and cons to this, one pro is that you don't have to pay a monthly sewer fee, although you are responsible for your own septic tank, which means pumping it out is for you to pay for. This also means when there is a problem, you're responsible for it.

To keep your septic tank from filling up too quickly, there are several things you could do. Read on for helpful tips to keep your septic tank in good shape.

Keep Good Bacteria Inside 

Your septic tank needs good bacteria to eat through the waste in your septic tank. Good bacteria comes naturally in your waste, but if you are using things such as chemicals and cleaners in your home, then washing them down the drain, it could be killing this good bacteria in your tank. Use only all-natural cleaners whenever possible and never flush anything down your tank such as root killer or granules that kill bacteria. This can kill off that good bacteria in your tank and create a problem for your septic tank.

Switch to One-Ply Toilet Paper

Switch your toilet paper to one-ply or to a quick-dissolving toilet paper in order to prevent your toilet paper from getting jammed up in your septic tank and filling up too quickly. Sure, that two-ply toilet paper feels nice, but it can cause a problem in your septic tank. Be sure to skip out on flushable wipes, or at least flushing these flushable-wipes, as these can also clog your septic tank. Feminine products should also be thrown in the trash, and not flushed down the toilet.

Have Your Tank Emptied When Needed

Remember to have your septic tank pumped out when needed, not when absolutely necessary. Waiting too long can cause a problem with backups and other issues. If you haven't had it done in a very long time, it may be time to have this done. Have a septic pumping service come to your home to inspect your tank if you aren't sure when the last time it was pumped out. 

If you have a septic tank, it needs to be kept in good shape and cared for properly. A septic tank has it's perks, but you need to be making sure you care for it properly to ensure it works correctly. Call residential septic tank services to have your tank inspected and for other care tips.