The Cost Of Septic Tank Installations Explained

26 January 2021
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For all their inherent advantages, septic tank systems are well worth the investment. Here's a look at the typical costs you will incur for septic tank installations.

Cost of Ground Tests

Ground tests are a must before a septic tank is installed. One test you will want done is the percolation test. This is the most crucial of these ground tests, and its purpose is to assess the drainage properties of the soil in proposed installation sites.

Given the importance of these tests, you want to make sure they are done right, and that is why it is always a job best left to seasoned experts. You may need to test several locations on your property, and if multiple tests are done, the cost will be higher. Similarly, the test's cost may vary depending on the layout and shape of the hole dug out for the test.

Permit Costs

With positive ground test results, you can then apply for a permit. A permit is required for septic tank installations, and going ahead with the work without one may attract legal penalties.

In addition to the required paperwork, including the plans outlining your proposed system's specifications, you will need to pay a specified sum for the application. An environmental health officer will come around for a site inspection, and if you satisfy all requirements, you will get the permit.

Cost of Materials

With septic tank installations, the cost makes up a significant portion of the overall material costs. Septic tank prices vary depending on factors such as the size and material of the tank. Concrete tanks cost more than tanks made from other materials such as plastic, which is on the other end of the pricing scale.

Other supplies include the septic tank distribution box, the access hatch, and plumbing pipes, which will also add to the cost of materials. The septic tank installation contractor can always find suppliers offering a reasonable price for all these materials, helping to bring down the cost.

Labor Cost

Lastly, the cost of labor covering everything from the design phase to the execution of all septic tank installation works. Cheap installation prices may turn out to be expensive once the process is complete. As such, you should not select a contractor based solely on price. You can be sure you will be getting your money's worth if you entrust your project to a competent and experienced team.

The highlighted costs will stand out in the estimates you receive from septic tank installation companies. With professional companies, you need not worry about hidden costs. For more information, contact a septic tank installation service.