Mistakes Homeowners Make During DIY Sewer Line Repair

28 October 2020
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Sewer line repairs may look simple, but the work can be much more complicated than it seems. Here is a look at some of the mistakes property owners make attempting DIY repairs on an ailing sewer line. 

Mistake: Causing damage to the line during the dig-up process. 

Digging up a sewer line is no easy feat. Once you locate the point in the line that needs repair, you will have to either manually dig up that area or rent trenching equipment to do the job. In either case, if you're not careful, you can end up with more damage if you inadvertently dig into a healthy part of the line. Trusting a professional with adequate insight can save you a great deal of trouble. 

Mistake: Replacing more of the line than necessary. 

It is really rare for a large section of the line to have to be replaced; normally, a small section that has damage will be replaced and joined to the existing line. The only time large sections of the line are replaced is if there are numerous points in a line that have issues due to age degradation. Without knowledge of how to install a smaller section and create tight joints, many homeowners end up taking on a larger, more costly project than they need to. 

Mistake: Damaging other important lines or equipment in the process. 

The average modern-day property plot is riddled with a litany of underground lines. Gas lines, water lines, internet cables, and even electrical lines can be buried in the ground. If you do not know where these lines are or do not have them marked before you dig out a damaged line, you run the risk of causing costly damage to other utilities. Sewer line repair pros will always work hand in hand with local utility companies to ensure they don't disturb any other lines.  

Mistake: Moving the depth of the line during replacement. 

When sewer lines are repaired by professionals, careful attention is paid to the depth of the line, the slope of the line, and other important factors that affect line functionality. One of the biggest mistakes unwitting property owners make when they pull out a piece of damaged sewer line and replace it is to relocate it where depth is concerned. By doing so, you can affect things like the drainage flow and the probability of the line freezing. It is far better to entrust a professional to ensure the new sections are properly placed.

For more information, contact a sewer line repair service.