Reserve Chemical Toilets to Accommodate Your Outdoor Festival Guests

13 July 2020
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A food festival that is being held along a couple of blocks downtown will bring in guests from all over the region. Making sure that your guests' comforts and needs are taken into account is important, especially if the event will encompass several hours and feature some live entertainment or group activities, in addition to selling food or providing demonstrations.

1. Chemical Toilets Will Prevent Unwelcome Foot Traffic

If food booths and stages are being set up along sidewalks or on paved surfaces that will temporarily be out of bounds for motorists, you may be concerned about the lack of restroom facilities that your guests will have at their disposal. Because there is a likelihood that convenience stores or other business venues are near the festival grounds, people may trek into places of business in hopes of finding access to a toilet.

Don't subject local business owners to this type of inconvenience. Instead, set up a temporary restroom area to keep festival attendees at your event where they will hopefully have a better experience and interact with your vendors.

You can do this by renting chemical toilets and placing a barricade around the grouping. Chemical restrooms contain single or multi-stalled units that are designed to collect liquid and solid waste, without the need to flush. Chemicals that are added to each toilet will absorb foul odors that your guests could find to be offensive. As a result of this type of setup, guests will be able to alleviate themselves discreetly and can get back to the festival, without needing to walk far.

You Will Avoid Heavy Duty Cleaning Tasks

Even if you have access to one permanent restroom on the property where the food festival is going to be held, the septic system would likely not be able to handle the influx of usage and many people who would be entering and exiting the facility could wind up dirtying the premises, resulting in you being responsible for heavy-duty cleaning in between usage and after the festival ends.

When you rely upon the services that a rental business provides, your patrons will have full usage of the chemical toilets throughout the festival and you will not be responsible for sanitizing each unit before having the toilets picked up and hauled away. Additionally, each item that you rent will be dropped off at the outdoor venue and will be fully stocked with toilet paper and ready for your customers to use.

Learn more by contacting companies that supply chemical toilets for events.