Septic Tank Pumping: 3 Signs That You'Re Definitely Overdue

31 August 2019
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Your septic tank may be hidden year-round, but it still should be on your maintenance priority list. Your septic tank and system ensures that you and your household has more efficient waste management and plumbing as a whole. In addition, you can prevent the need for unsanitary and expensive inconveniences that tend to accompany septic system failure. Septic tank pumping is one step that homeowners should take toward proper and effective maintenance. Keep reading to learn a few of the main signs that you are due immediately for service.

Sign #1: Pooling Water

As soon as your septic tank reaches its capacity, you may notice that there is water pooling in the drainfield and areas surrounding it. If there has not been a rain recently, then the water is likely coming from the septic system. Generally, this will happen when the pipes in the tank become clogged with solid waste, which then causes excess wastewater to be pushed to the surface, thus creating a soaking mess. The only solution is for a professional to come out and perform a pumping.

Sign #2: Drainage Problems

Have you noticed any issues with draining or flushing recently? If either of these have been taking longer than normal or they are accompanied with a gurgling noise from inside the drain, there is a good chance that the septic tank is full. If you put off septic tank pumping for too long, these types of issues will turn into far more serious and costly problems, such as sewage backup into the home. Therefore, it is imperative that you schedule pumping service immediately upon noticing these problems.

Sign #3: Foul Smells

Sometimes, you can't visibly see signs that pumping is necessary; instead, you might be able to smell them. Think about all that waste that accumulates inside the septic tank—it is no wonder that it can produce some pretty foul smells. As a general rule, though, these foul odors are contained pretty well. However, if there is a blocked drain somewhere, the smells will be incredibly noticeable to those inside the home. If you start noticing foul odors, contact a septic tank pumping service as soon as possible to take care of the problem.

If you are able to maintain a consistent pumping schedule, you should not run into any of the aforementioned problems or any other issues with your septic system. For more information, get in touch with a septic tank pumping service in your area, such as Mountain Valley Pumping.