Leaking Tanks And Soggy Lawns: 3 Concrete Septic System Problems And Solutions

5 March 2018
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One of the most commonly used materials for a septic system over the past decades has been concrete tanks. It is a cheap, durable and affordable material. unfortunately, concrete is also susceptible to several problems, such as leaks, deterioration, and cracks. If you have an older concrete septic tank, here are some tips to help deal with these problems:

1. Cracked or Leaking Concrete Tanks and Liner Solutions

Concrete septic tanks are most vulnerable to leaks, which can be caused by settling, pour concrete or simply wear. When your concrete septic system is leaking, it causes several problems; contamination of surrounding soils, raw sewage contamination near the tank and problems with the bacteria levels that cause solids to build up quickly and not break down.

2. Improvements and Upgrades to Degrading Septic Tank Components

The degrading of concrete tanks is not limited to the exterior of your tank, but it can also affect the interior of the tank. As bacteria break down solid waste, they also eat away on components of the tank, such as concrete baffles. To solve these problems, you may need to have improvements done inside the tank like the installation of new baffles. Installation of liners is often a way to deal with septic tank problems like deterioration without completely replacing the septic tank. There are also improvements that you may want to consider for your septic system, such as the installation of a secondary treatment tank and overflow alarms to catch problems before they become serious issues.

3. Structural Damage to Concrete Septic Tanks and Modern Replacement Options

There are times when structural damage cannot be repaired, and the only reliable solution is replacing the tank. If you have your concrete septic tank replaced, talk with the contractor about modern materials like polyurethane tanks, which are durable and do not deteriorate like concrete. In addition, you may want to consider improvements to the drain field and features like pump tanks and distribution boxes. These improvements will help prevent drainage problems that can lead to overburden in your septic tank and the need for more frequent pumping and maintenance.

These are some of the common problems and solutions with concrete septic tanks. If you have an older concrete septic tank that is causing you trouble, contact a septic system repair service for help with repairs, improvements or replacement if needed. Talk with them about the most cost-effective solutions for your home's septic system. To learn more, visit a website like http://www.sosseptic.net