The Craziest Portable Toilet Contests Ever And How You Can Participate

30 January 2018
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Portable toilet rentals bring to mind music festivals and summer camps. At least, for most people, this is what portable toilets, or "porta-potties," remind them of. As for everyone else, the portable toilet is an object worthy of contests and competitions. Portable toilet rentals have been commandeered for the purpose of these unusual contests and competitions. (If you would like to try your hand at any of the portable toilet competitions, you are free to do so as the owner of a portable toilet. Otherwise, get permission or sponsorship from portable toilet companies before you go ahead with some of these fun and crazy portable toilet shenanigans.)

The Golden Throne Contest

Special events feature the opportunity for you and some of your friends to use a golden portable toilet, a.k.a. the "golden throne", at a special public event. The entire toilet box is painted or body-wrapped in gold, has a crown on top, and a security guard that bans the rest of the public from using your special prize. Often, this type of contest is sponsored by a music station and/or the portable potty rental company in conjunction with a music concert or festival.

The Portable Toilet Privacy Screen Decorating Contest

Portable toilets are not always attractive. Most of them really stand out, what with their dull gray or vibrant blue plastic boxes. In public places, some people may feel embarrassed using them or being seen using them. Privacy may also be a problem, despite the locks on the doors registering as "closed" or "open." You can change that by placing the portable toilets behind their own wrap-around privacy screens. You can even hold a contest and offer a fantastic prize for designing the most attractive privacy screens for porta-potties.

The Portable Toilet Strong Man's (or Woman's) Competition

Yes, it sounds like an incredibly corny competition, but that is the whole idea. People stage these competitions not just as "feats of strength," but also as a means of making people laugh through physical comedy. There are portable toilet lifting events, portable toilet toppling events, and even the classic "how many people can you squeeze into a portable toilet" event. All of the events in the competition feature the iconic portable toilet that everyone knows, and everyone rents.

Most of the time, these events are tongue-in-cheek to raise money for a good cause, such as colorectal or bladder cancer. Regardless of your reason for holding such a silly competition, people can have a good time watching the events. Check online to see what other competitive events these festivities typically feature, and contact companies like American Portables for more information on portable toilet rentals.