3 Septic Tank Maintenance Tips To Prevent Failures And Costly Repairs

10 January 2018
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The septic tank of your home is an important part of the plumbing system, and poor maintenance can lead to failure. Maintaining your septic tank is important to prevent costly repairs and serious plumbing problems in your home. Here are a few septic tank maintenance tips that will help prevent failures and the expensive repairs that come with them:

1. Be Cautious of What Goes in The Septic System

There are many things that can cause damage when they end up in your septic system. This is why you want to avoid flushing things like baby wipes and other hygiene products down the toilet. It also is important to use harsh chemicals sparingly, because they can lead to a reduction in bacteria in the tank. Foreign materials and low bacteria levels cause the tank to become full of solids, and the tank will need to be pumped when this happens.

2. Have Pumping Done Regularly and Avoid Water Overburden

Regular pumping of your septic tank is one of the most important tasks to have done. Most septic systems need to be pumped every few years, but it is possible this is going to be needed sooner. Your septic system may need to be pumped as part of a regular maintenance schedule, when there is a problem due to foreign materials in the tank, or when excessive water use causes the tank to become full. To avoid these problems, consider having a septic tank alarm installed and watch excessive water use in a short amount of time, such as by not doing lots of loads of laundry in one day.

3. Complete Occasional Inspections to Ensure Everything Is Working Correctly

There are also times when you want to have a complete inspection of a septic system done, such as when you buy a home. Inspections are sometimes done when you have your tank pumped, but you will want to talk with the septic maintenance service about it before you have your tank pumped. There are also specialists that can inspect the system, which may be done be the pump truck technician or another technician with the septic maintenance company. You always want to have inspections done to the septic system when you move into a new home or when you think there is a potential septic system problem.

These are some septic tank maintenance tips that will help you avoid failures and the costly repairs that they come with. Contact a septic maintenance service for help with maintenance, repairs, and improvements to prevent septic failures.