How To Keep Holiday Entertaining From Turning Into A Slow Drain Disaster

30 October 2017
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With fall in full swing and winter drawing near, many homeowners are already looking ahead on their calendars to the coming holiday season. But for many, the excitement of hosting friends and family for dinner is tempered with knowing that the increased load on their plumbing system could spark an embarrassing disaster of slow running drains or even complete clogs. If you are one of the homeowners forced to deal with drain problems and concerned about the impact they may have on your holiday celebrations, the following tips can help you prevent drain issues while entertaining to your heart's content:

Loosen and remove greasy residue from drains

If your drains are currently in good condition, using a good preventative care option can help keep them operating properly during periods of increased usage. To do this, use these directions to flush drains each week: 

  • pour one cup of baking soda into each kitchen drain opening
  • then immediately pour one cup of boiling hot white vinegar into the drain over the baking soda
  • wait three minutes and then flush the drain with hot water

The bubbling, foaming action that results from the mixing of the vinegar and baking soda naturally loosens and dissolves grease residues, allowing them to be flushed free.

Prevent greasy cooking liquids from getting into drains

Preventing grease build up in drains is much easier than removing it after it hardens and forms a clog. To do this effectively, begin keeping a large metal vegetable, coffee, or soup can under the sink. Whenever you need to drain oily cooking liquids, drain them into the can, instead of your kitchen sink drain. Keeping a plate or some type of lid on top of the can will prevent odors and discourage pests. Once the can is filled with hardened grease, dispose of it along with household trash and replace it with an empty can.

Take proactive measures to prevent existing drain problems to worsen

While having several house or dinner guests can certainly put pressure on any home drain system, homeowners who are already dealing with clogs before the holidays begin should consider taking proactive measures to prevent the embarrassment of a clog or slow running drain from ruining their holiday celebrations. Hydro jetting, a non-invasive process in which pressurized water is forced through the home's drain system to clean it and remove clogs, can help to solve drain problems before they begin.

To learn more about the hydro jetting process, contact a reputable drain cleaning company like All County Rooter to discuss your concerns and the solutions they can provide.