Steps To Finish A Basement Bathroom

7 April 2017
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Adding a basement bathroom may be necessary if you want to make your basement into a more fully integrated part of your home. But note that there are many steps that will go into a bathroom remodel that includes adding functionality to a basement bathroom. Here are some of the steps needed.

Choose Fixtures

It is a good idea to have in mind your plumbing fixtures before you talk with your septic or plumbing team. That's because the bathroom addition will have a different timeline and different plumbing needs depending on how demanding your plumbing fixtures are. Get ideas for unique sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets from a bathroom remodel contractor. You could keep it simple, or you could go in a more modern direction by adding things like glass shower enclosures or standalone tubs.

Contact a Plumber and/or Septic Tank Specialist

Choosing the right plumber and septic tank expert will be a big part of your success in this project. The plumber has a lot of work to do. They need to calculate the best ways to attach new plumbing to your existing pipes without disturbing existing piping or having to tear too far into your drywall. They need to calculate whether your current plumbing system is strong enough to handle additional plumbing. That could be especially an issue if you have a septic tank; make sure your contractors evaluate whether your septic service needs to be updated when you add new plumbing fixtures to your home. Septic tank specialists can come and pump the tank as well as ensure that you don't need a bigger tank installed. 

Plumbers will do a rough in of your plumbing fixtures, meaning they will put the infrastructure in place so that toilets and other fixtures can be easily attached and the holes in the wall patched for the finished product.

Choose Finishes

Once you have an idea of your plumbing budget, it's time to look at the finishes you want to choose for your bathroom. Have your plumbing fixtures picked out, since these will be the parts that are hardest to coordinate with your budget; from there, you will have a narrowed selection of finishes to choose from that match with your plumbing fixtures. While there are always trends in bathroom remodels, certain finishes, like subway tiles or glass, are always popular choices in a bathroom.


Before you make the final payments to your contractors, don't neglect to test everything that was installed. You may want to have another contractor evaluate the work to catch errors that your technicians may have made. Otherwise, just make sure there are no issues with any of your plumbing fixtures running.

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