Not Sure What to Do with Your Septic System? 4 Things Every First-Time Septic Owner Should Know

30 March 2017
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If your new home has a septic system, you have a big responsibility. Your septic system relies on you for proper maintenance. In fact, without proper care, your septic system could malfunction, which could leave you facing a big mess. Luckily, septic systems aren't all that hard to care for once you understand the basics. Here's some information that will help you understand your septic system—and prevent malfunctions.

Septic Systems and Garbage Disposals Don't Mix

If your home is connected to a septic system, you shouldn't use a garbage disposal. Yes, garbage disposals are a time-saver in the kitchen, and they do save a lot of space in the trash can. However, garbage disposals are can pose a serious threat to your septic system. Most garbage disposals don't grind up food well enough for your septic system to process effectively.

Unfortunately, that means that your septic tanks will fill up quicker than they should. Not only that, but the food particles build up in the septic drains, which can lead to clogs and overflows. Now that you have a septic system, you can prevent problems by limiting the use of your garbage disposal. Scrape food scraps into your garbage pail, or compost heap instead.

Septic Pumping and Drain Cleaning Go Together

When you have a septic system, pumping and drain cleaning go hand-in-hand. You might not realize this, but the waste by-products that linger in the septic pipes can cause clogs and foul odors inside your home. To prevent these problems, it's a good idea to have your drains cleaned each time you have your septic tank pumped. Not sure how often that should be? Most experts recommend having your septic pumped at least once every three to five years.

Septic Systems Can Be Finicky

Now that you have a septic system, you should know that they can be a bit finicky. In fact, there are a few things that will make your system downright irritable. You can keep your septic system happy by keeping the following items out of your septic tank.

  • Grease
  • Anti-bacterial cleaning products
  • Baby wipes
  • Cigarette butts

Septic Tanks Do Communicate

When it comes to your septic system, it's important to know that it does have ways to communicate with you. It's important that you recognize the methods it will use to communicate problems to you. The most common communication methods include gurgling from the toilets, increases in stubborn clogs throughout the house, and foul-smelling water bubbling up from the bathtub drain. If you notice any of those warning signs, you should have your septic system serviced as soon as possible by services such as Linn Septic Service.